All Your Questions About The “Launch My Freelancing Biz Accelerator” Answered…

● Yes! As a paying member, you will have access to weekly Q&As throughout the 8-week program.
● You’ll also have real-time support where you can ask questions and have answers provided to you in the “Launch My Freelancing Biz” Private Facebook Community.
● You get lifetime access to the FREE resources and 24/7 support that you receive with the Private FB Community.
● Included as well is a searchable (dynamically updated) Q&A database where you can get access to any question and answer regarding the program – you get access to this forever!

● The “Launch My Freelancing Biz Accelerator” includes just a one-time fee. There are zero mandatory additional fees.
● Once you join the “Launch My Freelancing Biz Accelerator” you’ll have everything you need to create your own Freelancing Business from scratch without spending any additional money.
● One-one-one coaching for more in-depth and hands-on training is available at an additional cost but it’s 100% optional. See the page on coaching and training programs for more information.

Here are the tools/software/ websites we use within the program:

● Gmail – FREE
● Google Docs- FREE
● Zoom – FREE
● Boomerang – FREE
● Active Campaign – FREE
● Calendly – FREE
● PayPal – FREE
● Stripe – FREE
● Service Provide Pro – OPTIONAL ($49/ Month)

*You don’t have to use the paid project management software that we recommend in the program and there are some free options available, which we go over in the program. Ultimately, you have some flexibility when deciding how to setup and manage your own operations.

● There is be a Community Manager in the Private Facebook group that makes sure every question is answered.
● Additional group members as well as Tommy jump in often to make sure everyone’s concerns are taken care of.
● When you post a question in the group, you can expect a response within a maximum of 24 hours (usually much sooner). Our team is not active in the group on weekends (we believe in work/ life balance!).

● You will not receive this program in the mail. The “Launch My Freelancing Biz Accelerator” is strictly an online program. You will be directed to a Thank You page when you submit your payment where you can create your login and immediately access the program within the membership area of our website.

● Once you sign up and pay, you will have lifetime access to the Launch My Freelancing Biz Accelerator program.
● The modules of the course are dynamically updated and will adjust over time to make sure you have the most up to date information possible when it comes to running a Freelancing Business of your own.

● Yes, one of the most amazing things about building a Freelancing Business is that your location does not matter. You are able to acquire and serve clients and customers all around the world.
● Although some countries are easier than others. As long as you have an internet connection, you can use this process to build a Freelancing Business in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and everywhere in between!

● Currently, the only option we have for payment to the “Launch My Freelancing Biz Accelerator” is a one-time fee. If you are interested in financing the program, we recommend checking out the options you have available with your credit card company or PayPal.

A reminder to be responsible when it comes to figuring out what you can and cannot afford!
● Our one-on-one coaching and consulting programs are billed differently. You can check out that page for more information.

● Yes, you can pay with Paypal. Just click on the Paypal button on the order page.

● After signing up, you will get your login details for the “Launch My Freelancing Biz Accelerator” immediately.

● We have tons of free content that we can share with you.
● You can join our FREE Facebook group community here or checkout the Youtube channel for more resources.
● Unfortunately, we can’t let you access the “Launch My Freelancing Biz Accelerator” program for free 🙁

● The “Launch My Freelancing Biz Accelerator” takes about 2 months to complete, if you are doing one module at a time, on a weekly basis.
● Our most successful students cruise through the content pretty quickly and are able to land the first customer for their business in less than 14 days!
● At the end of the 8-week program, most of our students have been able to successfully quit their full-time job and replace the income they were making with the money they receive from their new Freelancing Business.

  • Yes, in fact, many of the students in this program have a full-time job and build their Freelancing Business on the side before quitting their day jobs.
  • Keep in mind that it does take A LOT of determination and dedication to achieve your goals. You won’t achieve success in this program, or any other if you don’t show up with a good attitude ready to put in work!

● No! You don’t have to cold call. Using the techniques that we layout in our course, we teach you how to implement a lot of strategies for sales that are much more organic and much more effective than simply hitting up random people and asking them to buy things from you.
● If you want to implement some cold calling into your sales strategy, we don’t discourage it. In the program, you’ll learn some techniques that we recommend when it comes to cold outreach in general.

● If you don’t get results following the methods that are taught in this program and are unable to launch a successful Freelancing Business using the methods we teach, I will refund your money 100%!
● The only caveat is that you must be actively engaged in implementing the material from the program and have proof that you are implementing what you are being taught.

● This program is great for Freelancers who are looking to transition their current project-based workflow approach into a legitimate business that runs without them.
● This program is also amazing for complete beginners looking to figure out a way to make money online for the first-time. The major advantage for beginners is that in the program, we teach you many things that will allow you to completely bypass some of the hurdles that many Freelancers face while starting out.
● Upon completion of the “Launch My Freelancing Biz Accelerator”, you won’t just be a Freelancer, you’ll have an actual Freelancing Business that runs without you!

● If you are looking for a way to “get rich quick”, this program isn’t for you. Executing on the material we teach within the “Launch My Freelancing Biz Accelerator” takes a lot of effort. Don’t sign up for this program if you’re not ready to put in the work it takes to be successful.
● If you’re a higher-level business owner looking for some more next level strategies or you’re interested in putting together a custom plan for preparing for an exit and selling your company, then our one-on-one coaching/ consulting options might be a better fit for you. You can check out the options we have for those programs and the payment plans here.

● We only accept US dollars at this time.

● Yes, absolutely! Once you join the program, you’ll have direct access to the cohort of students who you begin the begin the program at the same time as you. Within the Facebook, you’ll have direct access to other members and are encouraged to connect outside of the program as well (in person meetups highly recommended when feasible!).

● Head directly to the paid Facebook Community, post your questions or comments, and you’ll receive feedback ASAP.

● No, this is a limited time offer. The sooner you sign up for the “Launch My Freelancing Biz Accelerator”, the better chance you have at building a successful business before the offer expires.

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